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Hallows' Eve at Witch's Cross is a short horror-themed adventure scenario for Old-School Essentials, written to support Markdown Jam.. It was written in Markdown and published in ePub in a few days during the Halloween season in order to encourage others to use Markdown/ePub for publishing TTRPG materials. Hallows' Eve at Witch's Cross follows three nights in a crossroads village beset by werewolves.

The text was written over the course of a week or two, mostly in SimpleNote, a Markdown-centric notetaking app. Final editing was done in a text editor with syntax highlighting for Markdown.  Processing the Markdown file into an ePub was done with pandoc, installed on a Mac at the command line with MacPorts. The initial processing started with a simple

pandoc hallows_eve.md -o Hallows_Eve.epub

and iterated upon that to add features (adding a CSS stylesheet, embedding an IM Fell typeface). The hardest part here was remembering how to edit a very simple CSS file. The final command to generate the ePub here was:

pandoc hallows_eve.md -o Hallows_Eve.epub --toc --toc-depth=1 -c epub.css --epub-embed-font=IMFeENrm29C.otf --epub-cover-image=Hallows_Eve.png


epub.css 961 bytes
Hallows_Eve.png 71 kB
hallows_eve.md 36 kB
Hallows_Eve.epub 254 kB

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